Welcome to Ilinizas Mountain Lodge!

Ilinizas Mountain Lodge. We are situated in the heart of “Avenue of the Volcanos,” in a peaceful and traditional pueblo in El Chaupi, belonging to the province of Pichincha. It is only around a one-hour drive from Quito, or one hour and a half by bus. The lodge is surrounded by impressive volcanoes, spectacular views of the mountains and is a perfect place for nature lovers, hikers, climbers and all the people who want to embark on new adventures. Here, they can spend their days exploring this wonderful paradise by embarking on adventures of trekking, cycling, and horseback riding.


We currently have 3 rooms available for rent at Ilinizas Mountain Lodge. Each room is named after one of Ecuador’s beautiful mountains, and the price for a room includes a hot breakfast.

Avenida de los Volcanes
Alpamayo Huaraz

Our café, a popular spot for both, locals and foreigners of all levels. Offering wide variety of breakfasts, vegetarian meals, excellent homemade desserts, selection of coffee/tea drinks and “happy hour” from 6pm to 7pm. In the daytime enjoy a nice views from the volcano cotopaxi eruption. Andes Alpes is a safe Place for the possible eruption of cotopaxi volcano.